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    Surgery Success Checklist

    Preparation for surgery is important, as patients who know what to expect and do before and after surgery report: Higher satisfaction, lower levels of anxiety, lower complication rates, lower rates of avoidable cancellation, and better outcomes.

    • A few days before the scheduled surgery, a nurse from Mercy Outpatient Surgery Center will call for a pre-surgical medical assessment.
    • Obtain from involved insurance companies any pre-approval or necessary pre-certifications.
    • Arrange post-surgery transportation. Patients may not drive themselves home if they received sedation, anesthesia or pain medications.
    • Make arrangements for supervision of children, other family members, or pets, if needed.
    • Prepare your home to remove trip hazards and other obstacles. Depending on your surgery, you may not be able to navigate stairs for a few days, so plan your post-surgery accommodations accordingly.
    • If you experience any health changes prior to surgery, report them to Mercy Outpatient Surgery Center staff. Health changes could include minor elevations in temperature, rash, a cold, a cough, etc.
    • Report a suspected pregnancy to Mercy Outpatient Surgery Center staff immediately so that any necessary changes to a surgery can be addressed.
    • Arrive at Mercy Outpatient Surgery Center at the scheduled time.
    • Bring a valid photo identification and your health insurance card.
    • Do not eat or drink anything, including hard candy, water, etc., or use any tobacco products after midnight the night before surgery, unless otherwise instructed by a physician or the nursing staff at Mercy Outpatient Surgery Center.
    • If you take prescription or over-the counter medications, follow the medication instructions given by the pre-operative nurse.
    • Shower or bathe before arriving at the surgery center to minimize the chance of infections.
    • Do not wear makeup.
    • If appropriate, bring insulin, migraine medication, inhalers or other medication with you and give them to our staff.
    • Wear loose, comfortable clothing to avoid pressure on your surgery site.
    • Wear flat, slip-on shoes.
    • Leave jewelry and valuables at home.
    • Bring contact lens and eye glass supplies.
    • For young children who are undergoing surgery, please bring a comforting toy, blanket, pacifier, or bottle (for after surgery). A parent or legal guardian must sign a surgery consent form for children under the age of 18.
    After surgery, patients will be brought to the recovery room where patients and caregivers will be given instructions for post-surgery care. It is important to follow the physician’s instructions regarding diet, activity, and medication. Mercy Outpatient Surgery Center staff will be in contact following surgery to check on the healing progress and answer any questions that may arise about discharge instructions.
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