• Our Program

  • Eligibility

    The intention of Mercy Employee Child Care Center is to serve the needs of Mercy Regional Medical Center (MRMC) employees on a space-available basis. However, it is important for our center to remain as full as possible. Therefore, when space becomes available, it is given on a tiered-system of enrollment:

    Tier 1: Parents who work for MRMC
    Tier 2: Approved affiliates of MRMC
    Tier 3: Community members

    *Please Note: It is our belief that it is in the best interest of the child and family that once a child has started in our center, the child will remain in our care until they voluntarily leave. We do have three exceptions:

    1. If a family starts at our center as a MRMC employee (tier 1) and then terminates employment at MRMC.
    2. If a new program is established, such as the summer camp.
      *In both situations above, Mercy Employee Child Care Center will evaluate the center waitlist to see if the need of MRMC employees (tier 1) and approved affiliates (tier 2) is too great, and the family may be asked to leave.
    3. As with all Mercy Employee Child Care Center families, if differences arise and all other options have been exhausted in finding a solution, the center may recommend parents find a different location for their child to better meet the needs of the family.

    Forms and Resources

    Mercy Employee Child Care requires all parents complete the General Health Appraisal Form with a qualified health care provider at each well child visit as recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics. This form must be completed within 30 days of enrollment. Download the form here.

    Wait List

    If you are interested in your child attending our center, please fill out a pre-registration form indicate your needs to us. You may also contact us to schedule a tour. The director will assess whether the center can meet your needs, and if not currently possible, your child will be placed on the waitlist. As space is available, the waitlist will be assessed, and children will be placed in our care based upon the tiered system of enrollment (listed above).


  • 10 children; a staff ratio of one teacher to four children is maintained as often as possible.InfantroomWeb.jpg
    10 children; the staff ratio is one teacher per five children.wobbler-roomWeb.jpg
    14 children; the staff ratio is one teacher per seven children.toddler-roomWeb.jpg
    preschool-roomWeb.jpg20 children; the staff ratio is one teacher per ten children. Our preschool program follows the "Incredible Years Dinosaur School Curriculum." This curriculum assists the teachers in increasing children's self-control skills, social skills and reduces challenging behaviors in the classroom. It encourages teaching skills to the children like: empathy or perspective taking, friendship, anger management, school-rules, interpersonal problem-solving, emotional literacy and how to be successful at school.
    10 children; our staff ratio is one teacher per ten children. During the summer break from school, we can have ten children in our program from 5 to 8 years old. We create a fun and educational summer program for the children, including field trips through Durango Transit and nature walks around the Three Springs Campus. Typically, we begin enrolling children into the summer program around March/April.
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