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Classes:   Education and Training

Reference and Education Services - (970) 382-1347

The Mercy Medical Library offers a wide variety of classes on the art of searching electronic and print information resources. All are open to any health professional.   

1.  PubMed National Library of Medicine
This class covers basic author, journal, subject or textword searching, and how to print or save the result.  You will also learn how to use field qualification and additional operators to focus advanced searches of MEDLINE and other Medical databases.

Training Manuals
National Library of Medicine Database Information
Fact Sheet - National Network of Libraries of Medicine

2.  Medical Research on the Net
The class introduces the Medical Webpage and its wide variety of resources including bibliographic and full-text databases and electronic textbooks.

3.  Consumer Health
This class visits various databases available for consumer health and  shows  how to maximize and find appropriate information for your patients.

Please sign up for any or all of these classes through MOX library, phone or e-mail.  They are free to Mercy employees and anyone who has privileges with Mercy.  Each class is limited to 10. For description of class contents and future classes, please check out the Medical Research Classes in the MOX library cabinet . The library also offers individual training sessions by appointment.

Ovid Tutorials


Ovid Databases: Ovid Web Gateway Tutorial
Ovid Databases: Searching Tips
Ovid Databases: Quick Reference Cards (PDF)
Searching Fulltext Journals@Ovid

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