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Volunteer with Home Care and Hospice

Durango BarnSome of the most valuable contributions come not from the wallet, but rather from the heart. Our programs were truly founded in this spirit of caring and volunteerism. At Mercy Home Health and Hospice of Mercy, we value and respect your time and willingness to volunteer-our programs couldn't operate without you.

We are currently seeking volunteers for the following assignments:

  • Be a friendly visitor by providing companionship to patients in their own homes or nursing homes. Visits may include reading, writing letters, running errands or preparing lunch. A friendly visitor is there to meet the patient's need and energy level.
  • Provide caregiver relief by staying with and visiting the patient at home while the primary caregiver gets a much-needed reprieve.
  • Bereavement volunteers follow up with family members who have lost a loved one in our program, providing visitation and caring support.
  • Administrative assistance usually involves mailings, filing, photocopying, assembling packets, couriering, or other office related assistance.
  • Serve on a fundraising committee for events.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, please call Kati Bachman at 970.382.2032, or send an email to

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