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Centura Health Press Releases

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2014 Press Releases
Global Health Initiatives reaches beyond borders to sponsor four-year-old boy from Haiti to receive life-saving heart operation

Westminster, Colo. – (Jan. 31, 2014) - Global Health Initiatives, an international outreach program within Centura Health, is spearheading operations to bring Kevens, a four-year-old boy from Haiti, and his mother to the U.S. so he may undergo a life-saving heart operation in New York. In partnership with St. Anthony North Hospital, Global Health Initiatives will cover Kevens’ transportation costs, necessary visas and additional travel and accommodation expenses. Formed in 2006, Global Health Initiatives works with hospitals in developing countries to organize teams and resources including training programs, sending medical equipment and supplies, strategic planning, building supplies, business development and government issues. Greg Hodgson, director of Global Health Initiatives, states, “The ultimate goal of Global Health Initiatives is to help strengthen these hospitals and enable them to better serve their communities.” 

Global Health Initiatives formed a partnership with the Alma Mater Clinic in Gros Morne, Haiti where Kevens and his family resides. Each year, Global Health Initiatives provides training, education, equipment, services, new buildings and infrastructure so the Alma Mater Clinic may provide much- needed medical services to the community. Carole Peet, CEO at St. Anthony North Hospital states, “Our mission in Haiti is to provide sustainability to the Gros Morne community through capacity building and other services.”

Kevens was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, a rare, complex congenital heart defect that affects the flow of blood through the heart. With Tetralogy of Fallot, insufficient blood reaches the lungs resulting in oxygen-poor blood flowing to the body. Alma Mater Clinic informed Peet of Kevens’ dire condition and his need for immediate medical attention. “Given the severity of Kevens’ condition, we knew we had to take action fast,” stated Peet. St. Anthony North Hospital contacted Gift of Life, a Rotarian-based organization that over the past four decades has helped more than 16,000 children, from 67 different countries, receive life-saving treatments for their heart disease. Traditionally, Gift of Life recruits pediatric cardiologists to visit the countries to perform assessments and surgeries, however, Kevens’ case had advanced too far for this to be a viable option. So, Gift of Life assisted Global Health Initiatives and St. Anthony North Hospital to find a hospital in the U.S. where Kevens could receive a life-saving heart procedure. 

Kevens and his mother will be flown to Montefiore Hospital in New York where he is scheduled to undergo heart surgery on March 4, 2014. Montefiore Hospital will pay for the entire surgery, Gift of Life will pay all incidental costs and Global Health Initiatives/St. Anthony North Hospital will pay all transportation costs, visas and additional expenses. Kevens and his mother will stay 6-8 weeks free-of-charge at the Ronald McDonald House while Kevens recovers from surgery.


About St. Anthony North Hospital:

St. Anthony North Hospital is a full service, 196-bed hospital, serving the north metro community since 1971. St. Anthony North specializes in emergency and trauma, cardiac care, advanced wound care, spine and joint surgery, women’s services and senior services. St. Anthony North is sponsored by Catholic Health Initiatives and is part of Centura Health, the region’s largest hospital and health care network delivering advanced care to more than half a million people each year. Last year, St. Anthony North provided more than $31 Million in charitable care.

Pictures of Kevens Loctamar, his mother and the Haiti team photo from the November 2013 visit.


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