• Profile EAP

  • Employee Assistance Program

  • Mercy Regional Medical Center's Profile EAP (Employee Assistance Program) is a confidential employee service providing problem assessment, short-term counseling, and referral if necessary, to employees who experience personal or job-related problems that are affecting or may affect their job performance.

    Early identification of emotional or substance abuse problems leads to improved wellness, work performance, and productivity. Profile EAP's licensed professional counselors can assist with short-term, solution-focused counseling that is confidential and free of cost to the employee.

    Advantages of contracting with Profile EAP, a local provider, include easy and quick access to face-to-face sessions and resources, and 24/7 on-call crisis intervention.

    Profile EAP counselors are masters level licensed professional counselors here in the state of Colorado. Their biographies are as follows:

    Jenny Treanor, LPC, CEAP, EAP Coordinator : Jenny has been a counselor at Profile EAP since 1998. Her specialties include relationships, issues at home and at work, healthy communication and conflict management. She is also a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach.

    Barb Wolfe, LPC : Barb has been a therapist in the Durango area for over 20 years. She works part-time and specializes in trauma, grief and loss, addictions, family of origin, relationship, marriage and family issues.

    For more information about Profile EAP, please call (970) 764-3760.

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