• Physical Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my insurance pay for treatment. What would I have to pay each visit?

    Most insurance plans cover outpatient therapy. Usually, there is a deductible and/or a co-payment for each visit. We collect co-payments at time of service. Patients are asked to check with their individual insurance company for specific policy requirements.

    Do I need to be referred by my doctor?

    Most insurance companies require a referral from your physician. Please check with your insurance to see what they require.

    What information do I need to bring with me to my first visit?

    On your initial visit, please bring your referral from your physician, if required by your insurance company, your drivers license or photo ID, your insurance cards, or any work-comp information.

    What should I wear?

    Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing is recommended. You may want to wear or bring shorts. Please wear or bring workout shoes. Pool therapy requires a swimsuit.

    How long is each visit?

    The first visit and initial evaluation takes about one hour. Each follow-up visit will take about 30 to 60 minutes.

    What should I expect during my initial visit?

    To initiate a program of therapy, the therapist examines the patient. This includes: obtaining a patient history, performing relevant systems reviews, and selecting and administering specific tests and measurements to obtain data.

    In addition to the evaluation, what else will be involved in my treatment?

    Therapists may use one or a combination of the following interventions to achieve treatment goals:

    • Therapeutic exercises (including aerobic conditioning)
    • Functional training in self care and home management
    • Manual therapy techniques (soft tissue and joint mobilization)
    • Physical agents, mechanical and/or thermal modalities
    • Electrotherapeutic modalities
    • Education and/or application of assistive, adaptive and protective devices and equipment

    How many times a week, and for how many weeks, will I have to come?

    Frequency and duration of treatment will be determined by your physician or after the initial evaluation by your therapist. The typical frequency is 2-3 times per week.

    How will I handle my problem at home?

    Your therapy program will include a home program to be carried out independently. Our therapists use patient-related instruction to educate not only the patient but also families and other care givers.

    Why should I see a physical therapist instead of personal trainer or chiropractor?

    Physical therapists are uniquely qualified to perform biomechanical and movement system analysis. We can provide comprehensive interventions to correct identified dysfunction, as well as corrective functional exercises. We are movement specialists, with a total movement system approach, dedicated to returning you to full function.

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