• Breast Diagnostic Services

  • Diagnostic Services
    When so much depends on your annual mammogram and other breast health tests, you can take comfort in knowing Mercy's diagnostic technologies are second to none.

    Digital Mammography
    Unlike analog mammography which transfers X-ray images of the breast to film, digital mammography images are captured in high resolution and can be enhanced on a computer.

    The Advantages of Digital Mammography:

    • Digital images require less compression time
    • Digital images are available more quickly
    • Digital images have greater resolution and can be computer enhanced, resulting in a more detailed picture that results in a more accurate diagnoses.

    Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
    Women considered to be at high risk for breast cancer, or whose regular screenings indicate the need for a closer look, may be referred for a breast MRI at Mercy. Magnetic resonance imaging is a painless procedure that uses radio waves to generate high resolution images of soft tissue.

    Breast Biopsy
    In the center's procedure room, physicians can gently remove a sample of suspicious tissue for further analysis. These procedures are performed with guidance from stereotactic X-ray, MRI, or ultrasound images that help physicians accurately pinpoint tissue to be biopsied.

    Laboratory Tissue Staining System
    A tissue analyzer located in the hospital's laboratory helps quickly identify specific types of breast cancer so that the appropriate course of action can be taken as soon as possible. The ability to perform this analysis on the hospital campus eliminates delays that would otherwise be caused by sending samples out of town for analysis.

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