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    Centura Health believes that the best health care is designed with you in mind. We work hard to provide you with resources and solutions for every step in your health journey. And because the best health care is prevention, we put as much emphasis on helping keep you well as we do on getting you well.

    Spiritual Care

    An unexpected twist or turn can be an anxious and lonely time, not only for loved ones, but friends and families. Discover more about healing body, mind and spirit.

    Quality and patient safety

    As the region’s leading health care provider, Centura Health is firmly committed to quality and patient safety. Learn more.

    Patient Rights and Responsibilities

    You have the right and responsibility to be informed and to participate in every decision that involves your care and treatment. If you are unable to do so, then your rights can be legally transferred and exercised by someone that you designate to make decisions on your behalf. View the patient bill of rights.

    Patient Privacy

    Your personal medical information is private. Centura Health understands how important your personal medical information is to you. We know you are concerned with how that information might be used, the way in which it is disclosed and how you can access that information. Read about our patient privacy practices.

    Billing and Financial Services

    You may have questions about your financial responsibility and what exactly your insurance may cover. View information about billing and financial services.

    Advance Directives

    Documenting your medical decisions about medical treatment through a written advance directive is the best way to ensure your wishes are recognized, followed and met. We recommend you discuss medical decisions and your thoughts with your physician, family members and friends. Read about advance directives.

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