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  • Integrative Care Services (ICS)

  • Mercy Regional Medical Center offers programs designed to promote the balancing of mind, body and spirit through a variety of safe and gentle complementary therapies. These methods have been shown to effectively reduce anxiety and pain levels while boosting the body's own healing process. Gentle healing arts support and enhance the excellent medical care patients receive while in the hospital and assist with maintaining health or healing progress as an out-patient.

    The Touch, Love and Compassion (TLC) and Steps to Surgical Success (Steps) are offered to inpatients free of charge. Community members and outpatients may schedule appointments for Relax and Renew with Healing Therapies, Stress Management, and Massage Therapy for a reasonable fee. Some services are covered by insurance.

    TLC was the initial ICS program beginning at Mercy in 2001. Created and developed by a collaborative team of nurses, chaplains, physicians and others passionate about knowing and treating the whole person with deep respect.

    ICS has since developed Steps to Surgical Success Program, Relax and Renew with Healing Therapies, Awareness and Relaxation for Managing Stress and Massage Therapy.

    Healthcare providers, family members, and staff may refer any Mercy patient to the Integrative Care Services programs via the unit secretary. Patients may self-refer for a TLC session by asking their nurse.

  • Services

  • Touch, Love, and Compassion (TLC) - no charge to inpatients

    Through healing partnerships between a patient and a TLC staff member, patients may choose one or more of the following therapies during their stay at Mercy Regional Medical Center at no cost to the patient:

    • Affirmations: Positive suggestions that a person creates and uses to reach a desired result. Affirmations can lower anxiety by changing negative self-talk into positive self-talk.
    • Aromatherapy: The therapeutic use of pure essential oils extracted from plants, trees, flowers and fruits to enhance health and wellness.
    • Conscious breathing: The foundation for eliciting the relaxation response. The use of abdominal breathing enhances feelings of well-being and confidence.
    • Guided Imagery: This process takes you on an imaginary journey that evokes your senses of sight, touch, smell, and hearing while in a state of deep relaxation. Guided imagery may create a greater sense of direction, safety, support and well-being on your healing journey.
    • Healing Touch: A relaxing, nurturing energy therapy. Gentle touch assists in balancing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Healing Touch works with your energy field to support your natural ability to heal. It is safe for all ages and works in harmony with standard medical care.
    • Massage or comfort touch: A variety of gentle touching techniques to create a positive, caring connection. Massage can stimulate circulation, increase body awareness and promote relaxation.
    • Prayer / Meditation: Honoring personal, spiritual or philosophical beliefs through formal prayer or intentional affirmation of closely-held beliefs.
    • Music therapy: This complements traditional therapy by helping to achieve deeps levels of relaxation, and soothing and reducing stress, pain and anxiety. The C.A.R.E. Channel 80 provides soothing music and nature scenes and is accessible on all patient televisions in the hospital.

    Steps to Surgical Success (Steps) Program - no charge to surgical patients

    This program is provided for pre and post-operative patients who wish to reduce anxiety and pain while promoting healing through awareness and relaxation techniques. The patient may choose to take home pre-operatively a "Successful Surgery" guided imagery CD, lavender or unscented eye pillow, essential oil inhaler, and a customized personal healing plan, which is used in preparation for their surgery. A relaxation session is included that blends all of these together at the initial pre-op and the in-hospital post-op meeting. All the modalities available through TLC are also options with the Steps program.

    Relax and Renew with Healing Therapies

    This popular TLC program is now offered to family and friends of patients and the general community as an outpatient service, as well as to patients once discharged who wish to continue receiving sessions. All modalities listed in the Touch, Love and Compassion program above are offered to the client. This is a fee-for-service program. For more information, please call (970) 764-3259.

    Massage Therapy

    Our highly qualified massage therapists use a variety of massage techniques to promote relaxation, pain relief, and overall well-being. Each massage session is tailored to suit the individual client's specific needs and requests. Aromatherapy, hot towels, moist heat and Healing Therapy can be incorporated into each session per the client's preference. Outpatient massage sessions are available. Please call (970) 764-3258 for massage pricing and to schedule an appointment. Mercy employees can receive a discount on massage services, and free 15-minute employee chair massages are available two days per week (must have a reservation).

    Awareness and Relaxation for Managing Stress

    Individualized sessions explore the physical, mental and spiritual dynamics of one's life. This process allows one to discover more of his/her personal potential for self-care and healing. Consultations may include discussion, conscious breathing, gentle stretching, guided imagery, body awareness, affirmations, and meditation or prayer. The sessions are one hour in length. Please call (970) 764-3259 for pricing.

    Fees for Services: Both the TLC and Steps programs are offered at no extra cost to the patient. Other services are offered at reasonable market rates.

  • Our Skilled Staff

  • Integrative Care Services staff members are healthcare providers who are certified graduates of the Healing Therapy program, a training program founded by Catholic Health Initiatives. Individual team members also have educational certification in aromatherapy, massage therapy, stress management, holistic nursing and nutrition. 

  • Hours

  • Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

    Weekend, four hours each day, times may vary.

  • Contact Information

  • Tel: (970) 764-3259
    Fax: (970) 764-3375 

    Scheduling Outpatient Appointments:

    • Massage Therapy: (970) 764-3258
    • Relax and Renew with Healing Therapies: (970) 764-3259
    • Awareness and Relaxation for Managing Stress: (970) 764-3259

  • Gift Certificates

  • Gift certificates for outpatient TLC may be obtained at Mercy Regional Medical Center's gift shop and at the cashier's desk. Eye pillows, books, CDs, and labyrinth materials are also for sale in the gift shop.

  • Donations

  • Integrative Care Services welcomes donations for its programs, made through the Mercy Health Foundation. Please specify Integrative Care Services along with your donation and you may further designate funds for the development of education, supplies or programs.

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