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    The History of Nursing at Mercy
    Five Sisters of Mercy from St. Louis arrived in Durango in 1882. The first night they arrived, they slept in the loft of a barn behind the Catholic church, but within weeks, they had opened two schools (one on each side of the Animas River because the bridge was unsafe) and a temporary orphanage, established their Motherhouse, and were visiting the area's ill and infirm. On September 1, 1882, these five remarkable women opened two ward rooms attached to a school and christened it Mercy Hospital of the San Juans.

    The Sisters began their legacy of care in the two-room hospital, which slowly grew with the needs of the community and evolved along with the science of healthcare. In the first few years, all nursing care was provided by the Sisters, but as the years passed, they relied more and more on locally trained women. In 1910, the Mercy Hospitals in Denver and Durango co-sponsored a school of nursing. In those days, nurses managed every aspect of the hospital. The one thing that hasn't changed with time is that nurses are still at the patient's bedside every hour of the day.

    Nursing at Mercy Today
    Today, Mercy nurses proudly continue the Sisters' legacy of care and make a difference in nearly every department of the hospital. Here, you will find them not only in the traditional patient care units, but also in our integrative care department, risk management, quality, case management, various clinics, the education and chart auditing departments, and elsewhere, applying their critical thinking skills to continuously improve our hospital.

    We believe in patient care provided predominantly by an RN nursing staff. Because of this care delivery model, and our belief that more nurses at the bedside results in better patient care ( click to view ), Mercy Regional Medical Center has attained excellent quality outcomes, short lengths of stay, and outstanding patient satisfaction scores.

    Mercy Regional Medical Center may be located in a rural area, but it is by no means simple. Our nurses have the opportunity to partner with internationally known members of our medical staff to deliver exceptional orthopedic and spine care, trauma care, intensive/critical care, women's health services, and cardiac care (including interventions), and more, all at the area's only comprehensive regional medical center.

    Our Philosophy of Patient Care
    In the spirit of shared decision-making, we each embody personal commitment,
    Respect, integrity, accountability, and compassion
    In all that we do, and with all we interact
    We passionately believe a joyful heart is good medicine.

    Our nurses are deeply compassionate professionals who care for their neighbors and friends. Our belief in shared decision making ensures that front-line nurses are actively involved in a variety of committees and task forces, guiding decisions that set the direction for care at the bedside.

    We are proud of our nurses here at Mercy Regional Medical Center, and proud to work with them.

    Personalized Care
    From a patient's perspective, being in a hospital is often a cause of anxiety. Who will care for me? Do they know what I need? Are there enough people to care for me?

    At Mercy Regional Medical Center, a team of well educated professionals takes care of patients at the hospital 24 hours a day. Patient care teams are tailored to the patient's needs, depending on the severity and type of illness or injury a patient may have. We treat each patient as an individual, not a condition, and we do everything we can to accommodate their unique needs and make their stay as comfortable as possible. At every opportunity we strive to exceed our patients' expectations.

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