• CenturaConnect: Physician Consult or Transfer

  • Connecting referring physicians to the region’s leading health care network.

    CenturaConnect is a one-call solution for referring physicians, directly connecting them with specially trained experts to quickly and efficiently respond to emergent and non-emergent patient transfers including:

    • Managing logistics for a smooth patient transfer.
    • Assuring follow up communication.
    • Quickly linking referring physicians to consulting/accepting physicians.
    • Coordinating prompt hospital bed assignment.
    • Communicating a discharge summary.

    If you are a PHYSICIAN calling for transfer or consult call 866-919-9990 OR in the Denver Metro area, call 720-321-3939.

    If you are a PATIENT or HEALTHCARE CONSUMER calling to find a healthcare provider or speak to a nurse call 303-777-6877 (in Metro Denver) OR call 800-327-6877.