• Frequently Asked Questions About Our Hiring Process

  • We’ve made every effort to anticipate and compile questions our applicants typically ask us about the hiring process. If you don’t see the answer you need below, please email us.

    Am I required to apply online in order to be considered for a position?

    Yes, all applicants must apply online to be considered for a position. It is important for applicants to go through our applicant tracking system for reporting purposes and for managing the high-volume of submissions we receive. If you do not have access to the internet, feel free to call 877-921-2345 to make arrangements to come in and apply, or visit a hospital Human Resources office between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to inquire about using a computer to submit your application online. Not every entity may offer this, so your local library or workforce center is also an option to gain internet access to apply for positions.

    Is a current resume required to complete the online application process?

    Yes. A resume must be included as part of your application and will help you complete the fields when creating your online job seeker account. If you do not have a current resume, feel free to use the resume templates provided to help you create and build your own resume. To do this, follow these steps:

    I had previously created a job seeker account and now, when attempting to login, the system says it doesn't exist. What happened?

    On May 12, 2014, Centura Health implemented a new online system for accepting applications. Applicants who submitted their information or established an account in our previous system will have to create a new job seeker account because of the transition to this new system. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we think you’ll find the new application process to be quick and easy. Please know that a current resume will be required. For more information on how to apply, click here

    I created a profile online for the application process, but did not apply to a specific position. Is this why I have not heard back from a recruiter?

    Correct. If you do not choose at least one open job requisition, your qualifications will not be linked to a specific position for a recruiter review. However, by creating an online profile, your information will be included as part of a searchable database and a Centura Health recruiter may contact you with an invitation to apply for another position should your qualifications match the job requirements.

    I am not quite ready to apply for a job with Centura Health. Can I continue to receive information about your current openings without having to frequent the website?

    Yes! Please join our online Talent Community at careers.centura.org. It takes just a moment to provide your email address and a bit of information about yourself so we can keep you informed about upcoming events and opportunities that match your interests.

    Can I apply to more than one job posting?

    Yes, you can apply to more than one job posting within Centura Health. Please apply only to those positions you qualify for (being sure to review each job description and corresponding requirements). When speaking with a representative from Centura Health, please be open to discussing job options within our system that fit your experience and expertise. As a large health care network with multiple locations and incredible growth, we are here to help you find the position you are best suited for. Just because you did not get selected for a specific job does not mean you can’t apply and be considered for a similar role if it becomes available.

    I applied online for a specific job. When can I expect to hear back from a recruiter?

    Our new online application system was designed to deliver frequent communication to applicants whenever movement in the hiring process occurs. For example, you may get an email saying you were selected for an interview and a recruiter will call to set up a time. If you did not qualify for the position, you will get a message saying you were not selected to move forward with the interview process. Any time a status change occurs, you can expect a notification alerting you to activity. If you are curious about the status of your application, please login to your job seeker account to view activity with the positions for which you applied.

    What if I can't remember all of my previous addresses?

    Include as much information online as possible. Someone will be in touch with you further if additional information is needed regarding your background check.

    What if I can't produce any references?

    We do ask every applicant to provide contact information for five references when being considered for a position. However, that does not mean you had to work for (or with) every person you supply as your reference. In addition to supervisors and co-workers, you can use volunteer coordinators/participants, teachers, professors, coaches, team members or classmates who can attest to your experience, skills and character. Ask your contacts in advance if they are okay recommending you for a position and spending 10-15 minutes answering some basic questions (using an online tool) about you and your work. You’ll also want to let your contacts know to expect an email from our reference check vendor-partner requesting their input.

    What is Centura Health's benefits package?

    Please refer to the benefits page for more information.

    Since Centura Health is a faith-based organization, do candidates need to be Adventist or Catholic to be considered for employment?

    No. Our associates represent many faiths and backgrounds. All we ask as that you feel comfortable with Centura Health's Mission. Denomination and/or religious preference are not factored into the hiring process.

    With no previous health care experience, is it possible to be hired at Centura Health?

    Not all positions within Centura Health require a health care background. Health care experience can definitely benefit you if many candidates are being considered for a given position, so please list all relevant experience.

    Does Centura Health offer sign-on bonuses? Relocation packages?

    Please speak with a recruiter or representative from your chosen facility for more details on these offerings.

    Does Centura Health offer continuing education or training programs?

    Yes, in some positions. Please refer to the Career development page. 

    I am still in school, when should I start applying for jobs to secure a position upon graduating?

    You must meet the job requirements of each specific position you are applying to in order to be considered for employment.

    Why am I asked my race/ethnic background?

    Candidates are asked to provide this information for voluntary identification purposes. While doing so is not required, Centura Health encourages applicants to disclose this information to assist in making our required governmental reporting as accurate as possible.

    Where can I learn more about my rights as an applicant?

    You can view information about applicant rights here.